Snowden on passwords.

A master class on passwords.

It might seem strange that a humor show would be a valid channel for educating people about internet security, but as weird as it seems, a video published April 9 in YouTube by the British comic John Oliver, host of the Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, that has more than 1.2 million visits has made it.

¿What is the video about?

The comic has done an interview to Edward Snowden, former analyst of the National Security Agency of the USA goverment, in a hotel room in Moscow, where Snowden is living in asylum, aflter fleeing from the US.

In this short video, which last less than 3 minutes, Snowden gives John Oliver a master class on passwords. Among other things, Snowden comments that bad passwords are still the easiest way to compromise a system, and comments that an 8 character or less are currently being guessed in less than a second.

During the interview Snowden suggest changing our thinking from Password to Passphrases, something long enough to deter brute-force, easy to remember because is meaningful to the user, and gives an example: “MargaretThatcheris110%SEXY”.

This is really a master class on passwords in less than 3 minutes.